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Amplify Your Brand With User Generated Video Testimonials

Convert more sales & build better customer relationships by incentivizing your community to create video testimonials for your business.

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Engage Your Community, Amplify Testimonials, and Drive Sales with Dropppin

Dropppin transforms your customers into content creators, generating both authentic content and invaluable testimonials through enticing incentives and rewards.

Build Relationships, Retain Customers, Sell More with Dropppin!

Transform customers into ambassadors

Propel customers to champion your brand by incentivizing their unique content creation.

Strengthen your customer relationship

Reinforce customer bonds, promote loyalty, and foster a thriving community through rewarding brand interactions.

Incentivize and sell more products

Boost sales by offering enticing rewards that motivate customers to create and share product-centric content.

Offer a Reward

A complimentary coffee? A 20% discount? A $5 Starbucks card? Propose enticing rewards to your customers in return for video content.

Share Your Link

Share your campaign link throughout your social media platforms and anywhere your customers and community engage

Make it Rain UGC 🥳

Collect user-generated content while you sleep and strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.


Drive Engagement and Sales with Dropppin

Launch a campaign, incentivize with rewards, and amplify your brand through user-generated content. Simply share your campaign link and let your community contribute.



Engage with your customers and challenge their creativity to create your next creative ad or tik tok content.

Fill your feed with authentic content

  • Generats UGC on scale
  • Engage with your customer
  • Increase reordering
  • Reward your superfans

How it Works

Campaign Created
You can know share your link in your newsletter, social media and more.

Create a link in only a couple of clicks asking your customer to generate content.

Reward type

Entice customers with discounts, social features, and more!

Content Creation

Your customer will create a video and it will automatically be

Reward type

Use this section to describe your company and the products you offer. You could share your company’s


"'ve always struggled with getting my customers to share their experiences online. Dropppin changed that for me. Offering a simple coffee reward got me dozens of video testimonials in just a week. It's heartwarming to see real customers share genuine love for our products.

John Clark

We're a small team with a limited budget for marketing. Dropppin gave us a cost-effective way to not only engage with our community but also get valuable content for our campaigns. The increase in re-orders and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jasmine L.

I was introduced to Dropppin by a fellow business owner. At first, I thought it was just another marketing tool. But the user-generated content we've received is authentic and resonates so well with our audience.

Olga N.

I've always believed in the power of genuine feedback. With Dropppin, I've seen firsthand how a simple gesture of appreciation can bring out heartfelt responses from my followers. It's not just about the content; it's about building a closer connection with those who support my work

Ethan S.

“With Dropppin, we collected few months worth of content from our customers in a week.”

Beta Tester


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  • Collect up to 10 videos
  • Create 1 campaign
Manage multiple campaigns and generate enough content to fill your feed every single month.
Per Month
  • Collect up to 50 videos a month
  • Unlimited Campaign collection
  • Unlimited workspaces
Pay once and get access to everything unlimited plus all new features and updates.
Per Month
  • Unlimited video collection
  • Unlimited campaign collection
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Premium Support
  • Email integration