Legal Terms

Fair Use Policy (FUP)

At, we pride ourselves on offering plans that cater to a wide range of user needs, including those that provide unlimited resources. However, to ensure the stability and integrity of our services for all users, we've instituted a Fair Use Policy (FUP).

While we don't impose overages on unlimited storage, bandwidth, or other metrics associated with your specific plan, we do monitor for fair use. If we detect usage levels that fall within the 99th percentile of user consumption or any other unusually high levels, we will conduct an investigation. This might result in collaborative actions with our team to adjust your plan or accommodate needs that go beyond typical usage.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

At, our mission is to empower your team to achieve its best every day. To ensure our services remain top-notch, efficient, and uninterrupted, we rely on our users to use them responsibly.

This Acceptable Use Policy outlines the do's and don'ts of using our services. While we've tried to be comprehensive, if an action isn't listed here but goes against the spirit of these guidelines, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures, including removing the content or access.

Services: This term refers to all websites, software, cloud services, and platforms owned or operated by

General Guidelines:

  • Use your best judgment.
  • Respect other users and our platform.
  • Any legal specifics can be found at the end of this document.

Prohibited Actions:

1. Disruption:

  • Compromising our system's integrity.
  • Unauthorized access attempts or reverse-engineering our services.
  • Overloading our infrastructure or consuming excessive resources.
  • Misusing storage for unrelated purposes.

2. Wrongful Activities:

  • Misrepresenting your identity or affiliating falsely with our brand.
  • Violating others' privacy or collecting personal information without consent.
  • Stalking, harassing, or threatening others.
  • Using our services for illegal activities or violating laws.
  • Unauthorized data scraping or using hidden text with our trademarks.
  • Using our services for disaster alerts or health/safety scenarios without our express permission.

3. Inappropriate Communications:

  • Sending unsolicited communications or spam.
  • Unauthorized solicitation of our users.
  • Disparaging our brand or affiliates.
  • Unauthorized promotion or advertising.

4. Inappropriate Content:

  • Posting content that infringes on intellectual property rights.
  • Sharing deceptive, harmful, hateful, or illegal content.
  • Uploading content that's inflammatory or could harm us or third parties.

In this policy, "content" refers to any data, text, software, music, sound, photos, graphics, videos, messages, or other materials you provide or use with our services.

Violations: If a user violates any aspect of this Acceptable Use Policy, reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including but not limited to, temporary suspension, permanent termination, or legal actions.